About ME

Who am I?

I am a believer, husband, father, new business student, and internet marketing, consultant.

I currently reside in the old Florence, Italy with my beautiful wife and 2 awesomely cool daughters.

I’ve come to love internet and Network Marketing business because is one of the best models to resolve the economic problem of the family, society and to grow your mind and your conscience.

Can You Work From Home?

If I can, you can. All it takes here is knowledge, patience, and consistency with the Network Marketing system and some basic internet marketing strategies.

As a matter of fact, most highly successful brands and businesses online have the great website.
This kind of business with the internet is very different and fun.

As a matter of fact, The best network marketing blog includes multimedia content like podcasts, videos, imagery, and even live casting and webinars, making it a complete hub for your network marketing brand and business online.

“Professional business tips help for entrepreneurs and new networker marketer”

The Internet now is the central part of a businesses brand, it is where we not only house great content, it is also where we drive traffic to as well.

See a website partnered with video or podcasts, imagery and a great call to action can increase sponsoring today.

Why? Well, its value, simply put, it is value added content that not only informs, educates or inspires, in the end, it also builds authority and trust, and that is what converts online.

It just so happens that the internet is what it truly takes to build that foundation upon…plus, a few of these foundational beliefs:

  • Strategy without caring isn’t worth following
  • Competitive results grow from original ideas
  • Simplicity sells; if you can’t understand it or explain it, forget it
  • Fun, creativity, and passion in business make it all worthwhile

Who Can Benefit from Realmoneyblog?

  • New networker who want to build a specific online income and want to know the marketing company
  • Struggling networker and marketers online who want to become full-time professional entrepreneurs and online business owners starting today
  • network marketers, affiliates who are hungry to develop steady sources of traffic and grow their customer base
  • Full-time employees who are new to the concept of making money through the internet, and are ready for a lifestyle business of network marketing and working online from anywhere!
  • Anyone looking to harness the traffic driving and conversion power of internet and best internet marketing practices can deliver any online business or brand
  • Every business type and model needs today an internet presence and that means you too.

So, let’s get one happening, let’s build a successful network business,, and starting here with Realmoneyblog!



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